Visiting Craft

Mevagissey welcomes visiting vessels to our safe and beautiful outer harbour which never dries. You may wish to contact us on VHF 14 before arrival. Care may be required when the wind is in the east, however all other sectors are well sheltered. The Lighthouse Quay is usually very busy with fishing boats but a stay of up to two hours is allowed in quieter times at the discretion of the Harbour Master. When coming ashore please do so at the East Quay central steps and platform near the Harbour Office. There is a shower and toilet, please ask for a key at the Harbour Office. The charge for an overnight mooring is £25 payable at the Harbour Office. Please be aware that no visiting vessels are permitted to enter the inner working harbour. There is a general ban on anchoring inside the harbour.

Please bring vessel landed waste to Harbour Office. The harbour does not have facilities to accept sewage from slop tanks and would request all visiting boats to use their holding tanks until clear of the harbour.

No fuel is available to non-commercial vessels.
If required there is a boat builder and chandlery on the East Wharf.

Harbour Office: 01726 843305
Out of hours: 07486 471931