In recent years the trustees have, together with government grants, invested a considerable sum of money in upgrading the facilities at Mevagissey Harbour – new ice plants, Cold Stores etc., all the time bearing in mind the need to conform to regulations and health and safety.


  • 2 Ice Plants, both capable of producing 5 tonnes per day.
  • 1 capable of producing 2.5 tonnes per day.
  • No 1 and No 2 Cold Stores
  • Chilled Bait Store
  • 2 by 150 kg SWL Landing Cranes
  • Salt Water Wash Down Pump and Hose
  • 2 Sets of Fish Dock Digital Scales
  • 2 Pallet Trucks

There is also a toilet and shower room for West Quay members who are issued with their own key on request. Other toilets are situated at the entrance to the outer harbour behind Sandy Beach. However they are not the responsibility of the harbour authority but of the Mevagissey Parish Council to whom all enquiries should be addressed, details are displayed inside the toilet entrance.

Situated between The Jetty and Olivers Quay, enables vessels to be worked upon between tides.

There is a small slipway situated at the corner of Oliver’s Quay and The Dog Platt where small boats of up to about 20 feet can be launched and recovered. At the other end of the inner harbour by the Boat Yard a large concrete one capable of taking all but the very biggest trawlers has now replaced the old wooden slipway. Vessels can be hauled up the slipway clear of high water for repair and maintenance.

The harbour now has a total of 32 Lofts rented to fishermen for the storage of nets and gear, 26 at the rear of The Platt, on the Lighthouse (Victoria) pier and 6 behind the Aquarium. They are all currently let, but anyone interested should contact the Harbour Office to check availability.

Apart from the 2 on West Quay there are two large cranes situated on the Jetty and a large 2 tonne SWL hydraulic post jib crane situated on the Lighthouse pier. Fish landing can be carried out at all stages of tide.

Following storm Emma early 2018, that caused widespread damage round the harbour including completely wrecking the fuel facility a new reinforced structure has been built and is now operated by a local firm “Heltor Fuels" who supply and invoice red diesel to all customers who are issued with a key to operate the system.

The Harbour Office is able to supply mooring chain and a variety of associated equipment, please enquire at the office.

Courtesy of the RNLI there are a number of key operated free lockers by the entrance to the Harbour Office where any visitor coming ashore can store their life jacket safely while visiting the village.