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The second largest fishing port in Cornwall, Mevagissey Harbour is beautiful, historic and hosts a thriving fishing industry. Mevagissey welcomes many thousands of visitors to our ancient harbour each year. These stunning surroundings and fishing boats seem to have changed only superficially over the centuries. However these ancient quays stand in vivid contrast to our highly modernised fishing industry. Our fleet is committed to sustainable fishing and you may well see landings being made for home consumption and for export – all of the highest quality.

Mevagissey Harbour Trustees have owned and managed the port since 1774. In 1988 the Trust became a charity and Mevagissey is now one of only three such Trust Ports in this country. The harbour is a national asset with a long and fascinating history but with global warming and more severe storms, it does face an uncertain future as funding for repairs and protection is hard to come by.

If you wish to make a donation to help preserve this national treasure it would be gratefully received. Also below is our ‘Did you know’ fact sheer offering some interesting trivia.


There’s always a lovely atmosphere in the harbour on a daily basis. Come down, have a walk around, take in the views from the viewpoint, enjoy an ice cream or pasty and maybe even have a go at some crabbing on the quayside.


There is a great selection of pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops available to visit. There’s traditional pasties, Cornish ice cream, Cornish cider and beer, Cornish fudge and great seafood available caught by the local fishermen.


This attraction is a charity project which is raising awareness and bridging the gap between the fishing industry and the general public. On your tour, you’ll see various local species and appreciate the diversity of local marine wildlife.


The harbour itself picturesque but the surrounding coastline and bays are absolutely stunning. Who knows you may spot a seal or dolphins who regularly frequent the bay. There are a number of ways to enjoy your time on the water.

Latest News

Installation of SeAlive Tiles

Mevagissey Harbour is delighted to report that it has just installed 60 SeAlive tiles in the harbour as part of its drive to improve its environmental credentials.  These tiles are very new to the UK. They are...

Grant Application For Harbour Defence

We have been working with Cornwall Council, Environmental Agency, Marine Management Organisation, Mevagissey Parish Council, Kovia Consulting and local politicians to build a case for grant funding of repairs...

Solar panels

Mevagissey Harbour is pleased to report that solar panels have now been installed in three locations around the harbour: West Quay fish processing plant, Aquarium and Harbour office. These installations are...

Island Beach Project

In Q1 2024 Mevagissey Harbour will commence on works to improve access onto IslandBeach. This area has been little used over the last few years due to the deterioration of theexisting steps, this improved...