Installation of SeAlive Tiles

Mevagissey Harbour is delighted to report that it has just installed 60 SeAlive tiles in the harbour as part of its drive to improve its environmental credentials. 

These tiles are very new to the UK. They are hexagonal concrete tiles with 3D textured designs. They can be attached to flat, manmade walls in the sea to provide a vital habitat for sea life. These are typically the underwater sections of harbour walls, piers and sea defences. By changing the surfaces from flat and hostile to rocky and uneven, all sorts of species can find a home, from seaweeds to invertebrates and fish. The tiles are made in the UK by BlueCube.

The tiles were provided by the charity Our Only World run by Mark and Tina Robinson and fitted by Richard Gale and his team at GaleBuild. The main area where they have been fitted is located by the steps on the North pier, just beyond the harbour office. They are best viewed at low tide!

Pictures of the tiles are below. We expect to see a boost in seaweeds and small invertebrates growing and living in and around the SeAlive tiles very soon.

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