Our Green Credentials

Mevagissey Harbour re-cycles the following-

Waste oil from fishing boats, approx. 5,000 litres per year.

Oil is cleaned and re-refined into new oil products.

Scrap metal is collected and recycled.

End of life netting including trawl netting is stored on the Harbour until it is taken away by Ocean Odyssey for onward transport and recycled into new plastic products, i.e. sit on kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

Waste timber is collected and used for firewood.

All other waste is collected weekly and taken to waste to power facility in St Dennis.

Harbour Staff and volunteers regularly do Harbour fundus cleans for marine plastics and other waste.

Vessels fishing out of Mevagissey are signed up to the fishing for litter scheme.

Plastics caught in fishing gear and trawls is kept on-board, landed into facility ashore and taken to waste to power facility in St Dennis.

All this recycling effort has reduced the amount of skips to landfill from 50 skips to approx. 4 per year.

Though the recycling effort takes some time it certainly saves the Harbour money and is much better for the environment.

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