Mevagissey Up For Best Port Award

The leading fishing industry journal Fishing News has shortlisted Mevagissey for its’ best port in the UK award. Listed with Brixham, Fraserburgh, Newlyn and Peterhead in the 14 March edition, the article reads as follows.

As the second-highest-grossing landing centre in Cornwall, second only to Newlyn, Mevagissey is a thriving port with a growing number of big boats, and more life and heart than seen in many other ports. As well as a well-kept quay, adequate fridge space and good crane and ice facilities, it’s the people that make Mevagissey so special. They are always on hand to ring a skipper if they think a vessel’s leg has gone wonky, or if an unexpected change in weather is making a berth unsafe. There is also an outstanding selection of young fishermen who have come up through family ranks, several whom own and run their own trawlers/netters. A visit to the quay will show that while, in many ways, the industry seems to be in trouble, the sheer number of young fishermen here is evidence that the industry is alive and well in Mevagissey. These fishermen aren’t in it for the money, it’s in their blood, and in 30 years they will still be here, fighting for the life they chose.

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