2019 Annual Summary & Chairman’s Report

As 2019 comes to an end it is time to recount the Harbour`s news throughout the year and publish the annual Harbour News Letter for all Harbour users.

Harbour Projects.

The Harbour Board continues to work towards the necessary repair project for the outer North and South Piers, though progress has been frustrating at times liaising with Marine Engineering Consultants, Environment Agency and Cornwall Council regarding the scope and funding for the project.
Several quotes for the works have been received but slow progress has been made on the funding side of things with consultants working on the most up to date cost-benefit analysis regarding the protection given by both Piers to the village from flooding and wave attenuation.
The Harbour Board have also visited alternative sources of funding including meetings with the local MP Steve Double and local Councillor James Mustoe regarding the repair project, and also with the recent announcement from the MMO of the new tranche of MFF Funding for Harbour infrastructure.
The Harbour Board will continue with the project with foremost importance with a view to having the works carried out in 2020.
Several projects have been completed through the year including a new Harbour Website and Webcam which has seen a significant improvement on the old site with much more useful information incorporated and several instructional videos for visiting vessels and vehicles.
The installation of a new Harbour CCTV System with added high-resolution cameras, this enhances both safety and security.
Recently the Harbour Re-surfacing Project was completed with the surface replaced from the Harbour Compound to the front of Waterfront Court. This project was very necessary being the only access to the Outer Harbour and in a very poor state of repair.
Due to frequent overtopping in poor weather, the specification for the works was over-engineered with 200mm fibre create being laid and a proper drainage system in place at the foot of the cliff and running across the new surface at stages. This will manage the water run-off and reduce icing in winter.

Mevagissey Fishing Fleet.

Despite the recent poor weather through the autumn period this year, the local fishing fleet continues to be the forestay of the Harbour with several new fishing vessels joining the fleet this year.
With the benefit of EMFF Funding, we have seen several fishing vessels having major re-fit work carried out so as to keep the vessels fit for purpose into the future.
Throughout the year we have had several visits from Seafood Training Cornwall promoting Fishing Safety throughout the fleet with advice and instruction given regarding I.L.O88, fishing risk assessment and the introduction of new safety equipment including PLB Life Jackets, Life rafts for the smaller vessels in the fleet and compact EPIRBS.
The local Fisherman have also had regular welfare visits including health checks by Nurse Hazel and free dental check-ups with further treatment if necessary, and access to physiotherapy and massage from local practices.

Harbour News.

This year the Harbour had a good uptake of the seasonal out-haul moorings and a good number of visiting yachts during the earlier part of the season with the fine weather, many staying for several nights and visiting local attractions including The Lost Gardens of Heligan and The Eden Project.
We were pleased to see the life jacket storage facilities being widely used by visiting vessels which have enhanced the safety aspect of moving from vessel to shore.
This year again saw the Mevagissey to Fowey Ferry have another busy season with only a few days lost to bad weather, and the trip continues to be popular for sightseeing and wildlife spotting.
Visitors to the Harbour also enjoyed the half-hour boat trips, angling and mackerel fishing and the fast RIB rides all of which had a more than a reasonable season.
The Harbour Aquarium this Season had 77,000 visitors and continues to be a popular and educational attraction.
We would like to thank Aquarium Staff for their dedication, humour and patience all Season.
The Aquarium had several school visits through the season with Mevagissey School, The Little Nippers and Gorran Haven School all making at least one visit. Divefest went ahead once again this Easter with good weather and good diving for those which attended. Mevagissey Gig Club held their annual event which went well, with 14 gig clubs attending with over 20 crews. Rowers of all ages enjoyed a successful day.

Mevagissey Feast Week again was a resounding success accompanied with reasonable weather for the week with well attended events on the Jetty culminating with a magnificent fireworks display. Unfortunately the weather was not conducive for either the Raft Race or the Crabbing Competition, which was held later in the summer.

The Feast Week Committee`s commitment and hard work ensured this much looked forward event was again a continued success, and we thank those which gave up their early mornings to help clean up the Harbour after events.
Mevagissey Choir held concerts on the Jetty throughout August, despite some inclement weather and were warmly enjoyed and appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

As the festive season once again draws near the Christmas Harbour Lights team have been busy assembling the display with the eagerly awaited switch on, on Saturday 7th December.

Developments for 2020.

The Harbour Board continue to try and raise the profile of the Harbour, with a view to any projects which will need funding into the future.
MHT continues to support the local fishing fleet which in many other harbour`s have seen a steady decline over recent years.
The Harbour Board will work towards a successful outcome of the repair works to both Outer Harbour Piers, through whichever avenue of funding the project takes, with a view to complete the repairs in spring/summer 2020.

Finally, The Harbour Board and Harbour Staff would like to wish you compliments of the season and best wishes for 2020.

Capt. Hugh St.A Bowles
Chairman of the Trustees

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